4 seasons


Want to experience the awakening of spring, summer refreshment, the colors of autumn or the magic of winter? It is always the right time to visit Lipik! At the very entrance to the city there are beautiful Lipizzaners who are the pride of the city. You can find out everything about this noble animal with expert guidance. Dare to ride in a manege and fulfill the unique experience by riding in a carriage. Take the opportunity for an unforgettable ride on a tourist train with a panoramic view of the factories Lipik Glas and Studenac, the city center, the magnificent villas of nobles, each of them hides a special story. Get to know the turbulent past of the city of phoenix, which is rapidly returning to the map of continental tourism. Step into the past with a local tour guide who will reveal all the secrets of the city. Take a break with coffee and lunch at one of the local restaurants or as part of a chosen event. Use your free time to be able to use the additional offer of swimming in the pool with healing thermal water, counts and countess baths, massages, swimming in the complex of outdoor pools during the summer season.

Plan your arrival and complete the experience by visiting numerous events of the City of Lipik during all 4 seasons at the following link:Online brošura

PROGRAM PRICE: 17,25 € (130,00 HRK) (Price per person based on a minimum of 20 people)

PROGRAM DURATION: one-day trip

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: The tourist tour is adapted to all visitors regardless of physical mobility. There are rest benches at every step of the tour so people with disabilities can rest.

NOTES: The "GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TRAVEL" of the Lipik Development and Tourist Agency LIRA d.o.o. apply to these programs. ID CODE: HR-AB-34-030136617. The program can be realized with an additional offer, a combination of other tourist tours, excursions, arrangements. A discount is granted for a larger number of persons and services depending on the number of users.


  • ticket for the Lipik stud farm with expert guidance - 1 hour
  • transport by tourist train on the route stud farm-Lipik - 20 minutes
  • tourist tour of Jelka`s trail with the expert guidance of a local tourist guide - 1 hour
  • lunch - 1 hour
  • licensed tour guide services throughout the program
  • organization costs, reservations, VAT

ADDITIONAL OFFER: (For a minimum of 20 people)

  • carriage ride within the Lipik stud farm or as part of the event (depending on weather conditions) - 10 kn per person
  • riding in a manege (depending on weather conditions) - 10 kn per person
  • swimming in the pool with healing thermal water (all year round) - 15 kn per person
  • swimming at the Lipik outdoor pool complex (June-September) - 15 kn per person
  • Tourist tour Villa Street, Lipik Memorial Mosaic, History tour through time - one of the programs can be used in exchange for the Jelka`s trail program