Search for Jelka's ring


The legends in Lipik are those about the young Countess Jelka and the ring that was lost and never found! Are you the lucky one to find it? Our search for treasure begins at the Lipik stud farm where Count Janković welcomes us. He is proud of his Lipizzaners, so he also likes to tell how exactly he founded the stable and what is being done there. Listen carefully because the count sets you tasks that you must solve in order to finally solve the mysteries and find the ring! But don't let him talk too much, he is old and sometimes loses track of time, hurry him up because Countess Jelka is impatiently waiting for you in Lipik Park. We ride a tourist train from the stud farm to Lipik and get acquainted with the curiosities, we come to the source of healing thermal water in the park where we are greeted by the Countess, she is worried and needs help looking for the ring. In return, she will tell us all about the healing thermal water, Studenac and Studena, the park she loves to walk in and the secrets she hides!

PROGRAM PRICE: 14,60 € (110,00 HRK)
(Price per person based on a minimum of 20 people)


PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: The tour is tailored to all visitors regardless of physical mobility. There are benches at every step of the tour so people with disabilities can rest.

NOTES: The program can be combined with other sightseeing tours, excursions and arrangements.

  • ticket for the Lipik stud farm
  • tourist tour of the stud farm with a local costumed guide - Count - 1 hour
  • transport by tourist train on the route Stables - Lipik - 20 minutes
  • tourist tour of the Jelka`s trail with a local costumed guide - Countess - 1.5 hours
  • educational quest game
  • organization costs, reservations, VAT