White and blue gold for the golden age


Blue gold, today an increasingly popular name for water, emphasizes the importance of this substance without which man cannot survive. Thermal springs are the treasure on which the small Slavonian town of Lipik gained its fame in the past. Mineral water from Coun`t spring springs from a depth of almost 300 m with a temperature of 64˚C. In addition to being used as a bath, water is also widely used for drinking due to its healing properties. The area is also rich in natural sources of drinking water. Studenac power of healing thermal water springs and Studena natural spring water as a natural contrast complement each other perfectly in this Slavonian story.

Lipizzaner. How much content is there in that one word ?! Lipizzaner horse, white gold is something that is a national treasure in our nation. He is vitally attached to our man. He is a synonym of Slavonia. It is a breed that originated a long time ago and is bred in pure blood and the love that our people have for this horse has brought it to world fame. The Lipizzaner horse is a symbol of Slavonia, but also of the indestructibility of both Slavonian and Croatian man!

Lipik, an oasis of peace with healing water, is waiting for you! Upon arrival in Lipik, we visit the Lipizzaner stud farm, after which we take a tourist train to tour the sights of Lipik and tour the city with a local guide. Pamper your palate with lunch at the restaurant Stone baths of Lipik Spa. The afternoon is reserved for swimming in the pool with healing thermal water. Free time for coffee and rest in one of the restaurants in Lipik.

Plan your arrival and complete the experience by visiting numerous events of the City of Lipik during all 4 seasons at the following link: Kalendar događanja

PROGRAM PRICE: 130 kn (Price per person based on a minimum of 20 people)


NAPOMENE: The "GENERAL CONDITIONS OF TRAVEL" of the Lipik Development and Tourist Agency LIRA d.o.o. apply to these programs. ID CODE: HR-AB-34-030136617.

  • Visit to the state stud farm Lipik with the expert guidance of the stud farm staff - 1 hour
  • ride the tourist train on the route Ergela-Lipik - 1 hour
  • sightseeing tour of the city center with a local tourist guide - 1 hour
  • Lunch at the restaurant "Kamene kupke" Toplica Lipik - 1 hour
  • swimming in the pool with healing thermal water - 1 hour
  • free time for rest and coffee
  • return