Industrial tourism

In addition to the natural beauty, sacral heritage and customs of the area, Lipik is proud of the renewed post-war rise of its industrial success. Today, the products of the Lipik Glas glass factory are found in James Bond movies and NBA stars quench their thirst with Studena water.

Lipik Glas ltd

As far back as 1803, the first data on glass production in the Lipik area were recorded, while the first industrial production began in 1963. by founding the "Lipik Flat Glass Factory". 50 years later, the factory in Lipik operates under the name Lipik Glas d.o.o. Since 2001 the majority is owned by the Italian group "Finind Group", which in addition to the factory in Lipik owns several production plants in Italy and Mexico. Two years later, in 2003, begins a serial production of high-performance automotive glass for low-volume and high-budget vehicles. Today, after ten years, Lipik Glas is a world leader in the supply of luxury brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc.


Studena is the first Croatian natural spring water. Its industrial production started in 1999. Clear, cold and refreshing, it springs in the Pakrac hills near Lipik, at the 7600 years old Studena spring.

Natural spring water means that it is obtained from a natural source, protected from any kind of pollution and remains in the bottle exactly as it is in the nature: unchanged, fresh and clean.

Also, due to its balanced mineral composition, Studena is a healthy drinkable water and it is an excellent choice for daily dose of fluid and mineral intake.

Due to its characteristics, it is one of the world's top-quality spring waters.