Lipik spa

Today, Lipik Spa has the status of a Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation. But its beginning goes far back in time. The healing properties of Lipik water have been known since Roman times. The first official records on the spa "Lipička vrela" date from 1517, and it experienced its golden age of development in the 19th century. Lord Isidor Jankovic and cooper Antun Knoll are responsible that Lipik has been one of the three most important locations of spa tourism in Europe during 19th century. After the turbulent events from the end of the 20th century, Lipik spa today is gradually regaining the commercial offer of its services.

Antun's spring

Antun's spring is a well of thermo-mineral water whose temperature reaches a high 64 ° C a is located in a park near the spa.

The construction of the well began in 1870s, after the Lipik bath was bought by Mr. Antun Knoll, and he began its overall renovation. That year the spring was drilled by hand and was then one of the first thermo-mineral water wells in this part of Europe.

The pavilion, in addition to being one of the recognizable motives of Lipik, has a multiple use. You can still pour healing water on it today. It serves as a resting place for many and also for the needs of various events. Also, it is used as a music pavilion.

Marble baths

The Marble Baths building was built in 1886 and its style reminds of a classicist temple whose facade is adorned with an arcaded porch and mythological figures on the gable. This representative building with marble baths, with its high quality and level of offer, stood alongside the most famous European spas of the 19th century, such as Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden. The building once housed a reading room where it was possible to find 25 different editions of newspapers and magazines in 5 foreign languages. In the inner part, 5 out of 26 tubs with porcelain and marble, have been preserved.

The preserved floor baths are unique in the region. They are lined with marble, filled with thermo-mineral water, which is also drinking mineral water. At the bottom of the tub there are washers from which warm air bubbles enriched with ozone come out. This way, very important effects for the organism are achieved: stimulation of microcirculation, improvement (work) of blood flow and detoxification of the organism.